Apps Anywhere Available Off-Campus

Most of the software you will need in your studies can be obtained ‘live’ from our AppsAnywhere service. This enables you to use it from your own PC without having to obtain it and install it. Until recently this was only available on-campus and halls but due to the pandemic the DTS department has worked very hard to make sure it can be used from wherever you are. Truly Apps Anywhere!

The service supports Windows PCs natively but also allows a range of apps to be run via a Mac. Were possible we try to support both types of computer but we are afraid that not all apps will work on Mac. We are putting on as many as we can. Please let DTS know if there is any specific piece of curriculum software that you find is missing.


Adobe Creative Cloud for Students


The University has entered a special agreement where students can purchase Adobe Creative Cloud at vastly reduced rates. This is available to all students on degree/certificate courses. The subscription runs from mid-August with no pro-rata reduction in cost, so the sooner you subscribe, the more value you will get. Those on courses that require Creative Cloud can get this without VAT being added and should refer to their department / tutor on how to do this (currently only Typography). Other students should follow the link on the Software Store page to visit the University’s (real) online store to purchase it.

Coronavirus and Remote Working


Although Covid-19 has perhaps accelerated the move to remote teaching and learning, the Software Store is a good example of how we have been supporting this for some time. Over the next few weeks we will be adding more information to the store, including about additional resources as they become available. In the meantime, do explore the current catalogue, bearing in mind that we have opened Apps Anywhere to off-campus use now.