The Software Store

The Software Store is not really a store, it is a means to advertise a range of commercial software made available for academic use free of charge. Many of the packages available are purchased by the University on site license and used directly in teaching. In addition to this, there are foresighted companies who understand the value of encouraging students and researchers to use their software and so provide free access. The Store therefore aims to bring these together. By signposting its existence to you, and telling you how to get it, Information Technology can help you make the most out of these resources.

When using the software obtained via either site,  please make sure you obey any license requirements that apply. Generally the software available here is only for academic use by staff and registered students, but sometimes even this can be further restricted. For example to use for ‘classroom use’ only (i.e. not research).

For more help and advice, please contact Information Technology by visiting the Self Service Portal (https://uor.topdesk.net/), emailing it@reading.ac.uk or calling 6262 during working hours.