Hexagon Geospatial (ERDAS Imagine)


What is it?

(from the CHEST website) ERDAS offers the basic tools for image mapping, visualisation, enhancement and geo-correction, including image analysis, visualisation, vector editing, batch processing and map output. The Hexagon Geospatial Desktop Imaging product offers a complete image processing suite, from ingestion and correction through to enhancement, classification, feature extraction and change detection.

What is available?

The University subscribes to the Hexagon Geospatial Desktop Imaging product through an Eduserv CHEST Agreement. This includes:

  • ERDAS IMAGINE – a suite of tools for ingestion, preparation, enhancement, analysis integration and presentation of geospatial imagery. From advanced visualization to spatial modelling, the software offers both teaching and research capability.
  • ERDAS IMAGINE Expansion Pack – enhancing the core capability of ERDAS IMAGINE, a wide range of additional tools are provided including 3D visualization, image correlation for fast image to image correction, advanced change detection and radar data processing.
  • ERDAS IMAGINE Photogrammetry – based on the Leica Photogrammetry Suite, the software allows block creation, DSM/DTM generation, terrain editing and stereo feature extraction.
  • ER Mapper – a firm favourite for those working with satellite imagery. Whilst much of the functionality has now been integrated within the ERDAS IMAGINE platform, this popular product remains available under the CHEST agreement.

Who can have it?

Academic use by staff and students on or off campus.

How can I get it?

  • Request install to University Computer from IT Service Desk
  • Installation to personal devices is allowed by license, but there is no defined process for this. If you wish to have a personal copy, please enquire with the IT Service Desk.

What support / training is available

When does the license/agreement run till?

  • The license is renewed annually on 1st August
  • The agreement runs to 31st July 2024. A decision to renew the agreement will be taken in good time.