What is it?

ChemDraw Professional provides all the tools needed to create, manage and explore chemically correct publication-ready chemical drawings.

What is available?

ChemDraw Professional includes  ChemDraw Prime and Chem3D Pro plus the ability to search SciFinder, generate systematic names from structures and vice versa, predict 1H and 13 C NMR spectra and draw amino acid and DNA/RNA sequences. It also features the ChemFinder personal database system, ChemDraw for Excel and ChemScript.

It is available for Windows and Mac.

Who can have it?

Academic use on or off campus by staff and students. Although this is aimed at Chemists, there does not appear to be a restriction on who in the University may use it. The only requirement is to have a Reading email address in the form


How do I get it ?

  • Live from Apps Anywhere
  • In PC Labs
  • Request install to University Computer from IT Service Desk
  • Install it yourself (personal devices / Administrator). Visit the PerkinElmer Informatics / Cambridgesoft website and enter your qualifying email address. You will be presented with instructions to download the product and be issued with serial keys to enable it.

What supporting / training is available?

Documentation and Support can be obtained from the PerkinElmer Informatics / Cambridgesoft  website.

When does the license / agreement run till?

The current license & agreement runs until the 17th June 2022. A decision to renew the agreement will be taken in good time.