Microsoft Office 365

What is it?

Microsoft Office 365 provides a ‘Cloud’ solution for office applications, such as Word, Excel,PowerPoint etc… The basic offering provides online versions of these applications, plus Sway and a One Drive account with 1TB of storage.

How do I get free software from the site?

As a consequence of the University subscribing to the Education Desktop products, all staff and students get free access to Officer 365 ProPlus. This is the above but includes the full Office applications for download and installation on three different device types (PC, Tablet & Phone, Mac and Android included). The suite can be installed up to five times on each device type (total of 15).

As of the 2016/17 session, Office 365 ProPlus is available to all staff and registered students.

To obtain the software, please follow the below:


  • This takes you to the Microsoft sign-in page (same as with email) – sign in here.
    • Students use login name in the form of <username>
    • Staff use their standard email address, e.g.
  • Once signed in, from the welcome screen click ‘Install Office xxxx’ where xxxx is the version.


  •  Then follow the online prompts.

Office installed by this method may interfere with any installation of Office you may already have, so follow the prompts closely. Staff should only attempt to install Office products on home/personal devices. If you want the latest version of Office on your work PC then please contact the IT Service Desk.