What is it?

GenStat is short for General Statistics (package). The authors, VSNI,  describe GenStat as follows:

We at VSNi like to think of Genstat as an all embracing data analysis tool, offering ease of use via our comprehensive menu system reinforced with the flexibility of a sophisticated programming language. All this is available in one focussed environment that encourages prototyping and development, while guiding new and less experienced users through the well planned menu and diagnostic messaging (not to mention a whole host of training and resource).

What is available?

The University has subscribed to an annual site license for GenStat.

Who can have it?

Academic use on and off campus by staff and students.

How can I get it?

  • Live from Apps Anywhere
  • In PC Labs
  • Request install to University Computer from IT Service Desk
  • Request Media/Keys from IT Service Desk for personal/home use

What support/training is available?

  • None listed

When does the license/agreement run till?

  • The license is renewed annually on 1st August