There are a number of popular software packages manufactured by Adobe for digital imaging, design and document creation. These include Acrobat, Photoshop, Premier, Dreamweaver, Flash, Illustrator etc… A full list is available in the Buying Programs Comparison Guide linked below.

The University has signed up to both the Creative Cloud (VIP) and Contractual Licence Program (CLP) for Adobe products; this allows purchases to be at discounted prices for use on University owned equipment. Licences purchased under this program do not cover personal or commercial use.

The VIP is a rolling programme which runs from September 28th each year. The current CLP agreement will be in place until 28th February 2019.  Please see Adobe/Edusery CLP agreement for further details of the CLP program.

Creative Cloud and CLP

Creative Cloud replaces the Creative Suite. It is a subscription-based licence and needs to be renewed at the end of its fixed term (see below). The full suite can be purchased or else individual (single) apps. Creative Cloud is now the only way to purchase the majority of Adobe products. The major exception to this is Adobe Acrobat Pro, which can also be purchased on a perpetual basis via the CLP programme. Purchasing Acrobat via the CLP programme currently represents the best value for money over the lifetime of the particular version but please note that the version of Acrobat purchased under the CLP programme does not come with upgrade support. As such, when the version reaches the end of its support date it will need to be removed from the PC and, if appropriate, a new version purchased. This is to comply with the University IT Security policy. 

It is worth noting that if you are looking at ordering a number of different Adobe products, including Acrobat, it is worth considering the full Creative Cloud suite on pure cost grounds. This can be discussed with IT.

How do I get them?

All Adobe roducts are ordered via IT. This is to enable the licensing model Adobe uses, particular the Creative Cloud apps. Please raise a request with IT via the IT Service Desk, outlining your requirements. For Acrobat, please indicate if you want a subscription or perpetual version.

When purchasing Creative Cloud products, IT will normally order a ‘user-based’ licence. This provides the maximum flexibility for an individual staff member using the suite/app. There are also ‘device-based’ licences available which can be used on shared machines, for example in a student computer lab. If you believe the ‘device-based’ licence is the most appropriate for your needs, please highlight this. IT may wish to discuss this with you to ensure you are appropriately supported in your endeavours.

Once you have made your request, IT will ask for a quotation from its supplier. This is necessary as Adobe operate a ‘proration’ system on Creative Cloud orders so that all licence ‘co-terminate’. This means your initial licence will only run until the ‘anniversary date’ of the agreement, which for us is September 28th. We will do this also with CLP orders so you are clear about the up-front costs.

Once you have reviewed this quotation, and wish to proceed, you can do so by providing a project/code against which IT will raise an order. This will need to be approved in Agresso in the normal way. This will raise a purchase order directly with our reseller.

On receipt of the order, Adobe will issue a licence and inform IT. This will be passed back to you, or to our SUS team so installation and activation of the software can be arranged. Activation for Creative Cloud apps is done by IT in the Adobe Enterprise Portal.

Renewing your licence

Close to the anniversary date of the agreement (i.e. 28th September), IT will contact all licence holders on Creative Cloud to ask them if they wish to renew their licences for a further 12 months. If this is desired then IT will proceed to renew the licence, following the process detailed above as for a new order. IT will not ask about renewal of software ordered under the CLP programme.

More information / links

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