Power BI Pro

Microsoft Power BI is a data visualisation/intelligence tool.

What is available?

Power BI Desktop can be downloaded for free and enables individuals to build visualisations, reports, dashboards etc… around either their own personal datasets/databases or connection to online data repositories. Sharing of Power BI reports via the Power BI service requires a paid-for extension – Power BI Pro. This is needed for both producing and consuming reports/datasets.

Who has a Power BI Pro Licence?

All core staff (i.e who are not visitors) are entitled to have a Power BI Pro subscription but currently it is only enabled for those users who also have a Phone+ telephone in Teams. If you do not have a phone provided this way, or are not core staff and wish to have access to Power BI Pro, please see below. 

How do I get it?

Please raise a request via our IT Service Desk (currently not via Self Service). If you are core staff DTS will assign you a licence without a further charge. If you are visiting staff or have associate status then DTS will seek approval from your sponsoring department. There may be a small charge (around £20 for the full year) which the sponsoring department may be asked to cover.

Additional Information

The University does not have any other Power BI licences, for example a Premium subscription. If requirements change in the future then this may be something that is considered.